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Divorce can be one of most difficult ordeals one can confront, but you do not have to face it alone. Sperry Law LLC is here for you with candid legal advice, sound legal strategy, empathy and resolute determination when it comes to protecting your rights. From issues such as maintenance and child support to the allocation of parental rights and family time, we’re experienced problem solvers who will efficiently strategize and implement a solution that protects your marital and parental rights. We are skilled negotiators, but if a trial is necessary, we are talented litigators.

Child Custody

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Nothing is more emotional than protecting your child or facing potential limitations to your involvement with your child’s future. As parents, we bring a first-hand perspective to child custody cases. While any healthy co-parenting relationship requires some compromise and negotiation on the part of both parties, we are ready and willing to litigate in court when your parenting rights are threatened or when the other parent does not have your child’s best interests at heart. We have extensive experience in successfully advocating for clients through a wide range of custody (also known in Illinois as parental allocation) issues, including parenting time schedules, decision making disputes, unique custody agreements, restricting parental responsibilities and more. As you would stand up to protect your child, let us stand up for you.

Child Support

Illinois utilizes statutory guidelines to help courts determine the amount of child support that should be awarded based upon the parties’ income. However, the guidelines are only a starting point for what a child support obligation should be. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to argue for deviations above or below the statutory guidelines if the situation calls for it. We also have experience utilizing various legal strategies to hold opposing parties accountable if he or she intentionally hides income or remains voluntarily unemployed or underemployed to manipulate child support calculations. In calculating child support, there are a variety of legal and factual issues to review, and our experience will help ensure that the child support obligation in your case is as favorable as possible given your particular circumstances.

DCFS Defense

When dealing with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), one wrong move can affect you, your children and potentially your livelihood for years to come. DCFS often applies high pressure tactics to coerce admissions or compliance with their demands. We are committed to ensuring you have the knowledge, professional guidance and attorney intervention to ensure that DCFS respects your rights, no matter how hard DCFS pressures you. In the event DCFS brings legal action against you, whether to threaten the custody of your children or your ability to maintain your livelihood, we will vigorously defend your rights in court. We have successfully represented clients in numerous types of DCFS matters, including active abuse or neglect investigations, expungement appeals of DCFS indicated findings, sheltercare proceedings, and juvenile court proceedings pertaining to abuse or neglect.

Orders of Protection

You have a right to feel safe and free from any threats of physical or mental harm. If seeking an order of protection becomes necessary to preserve that right, we’re here for you. Conversely, if you have been wrongfully accused of abuse and someone is seeking an order of protection against you, we have the experience to defend you against the severe consequences you may be facing, such as being excluded from your home, deprived of time with your children, and restriction on your ability to possess firearms. Sperry Law has extensive experience prosecuting and defending orders of protection, including orders sought in conjunction with family or criminal cases. With experience handling civil, criminal and independent orders of protection, we can help protect you against being threatened, stalked or put in danger, keeping you safe from all forms of harm- and if you’ve been accused of abuse justifying an order of protection, we have the experience to defend you.

Domestic Violence

We provide legal counsel for all forms of domestic violence, including situations regarding domestic abuse, spousal abuse, partner abuse, child abuse and neglect. If you become subject to domestic violence or intimidation at the hands of your current or former spouse, we can help navigate you toward safety. We can help provide you with strategies to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones, whether that is resorting to police contact, orders of protection, petitions to restrict parenting time, or other measures. Conversely, if you have been accused of domestic violence, Sperry Law’s extensive experience in prosecuting and defending against domestic violence allegations will ensure that you will have a vigorous, well-planned defense.

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