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Orders of Protection

If you have been wrongfully accused of abuse and someone is seeking an order of protection against you, you potentially face severe consequences such as being excluded from your home, deprived of time with your children and having your ability to possess a firearm restricted. Sperry Law LLC has extensive experience prosecuting and defending orders of protection, including orders sought in conjunction with family or criminal cases. With experience handling civil, criminal and independent orders of protection, we can help protect you against being threatened, stalked or put in danger; keeping you safe from all forms of harm; and if you’ve been accused of abuse, justifying an order of protection.

Felony Defense

The more serious the crime, the more serious the potential consequences. If convicted of a sex crime or a crime of violence, your life will never be the same. In addition to potential years of prison time, you could face a variety of collateral consequences, such as having to register as a sex offender, deportation, losing your right to bear arms or forfeiting property. We are committed to doing everything we can to fight your charges and clear your name. Our philosophy of lawyering entails thoroughly reviewing the evidence against you and presenting you with the various legal options available to you in a way that you understand, as well as explaining the benefits and risks of each option. Once you have selected a legal option, we will do everything in our power to execute your selected course of action. In the event you elect to negotiate a plea to your charge, we are also experienced in pursuing negotiations that minimize not only matters like imprisonment, but also the collateral consequences you face from your felony charge. With experience from initial investigation all the way through trial, we will fight diligently to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of legal protection.

Misdemeanor Defense

Just because misdemeanors are less serious than a felony, it does not mean they should be taken any less seriously, as they can still potentially carry serious consequences to your employment, driving privileges, immigration status and more. Hiring an experienced trial attorney is often the difference between a good and bad result, and even if you don’t intend on going to trial, having good legal representation can minimize the consequences you face.

DUI Defense

DUI charges can have serious consequences and a damaging impact on your life. Depending on factors such as your blood alcohol content (BAC), whether you were involved in an accident and more—even a first-time DUI charge can land you in jail for a lengthy period. We will advocate for your rights and provide the representation you need to achieve the best results for your situation. We are also experienced in litigating and negotiations pertaining to the related statutory summary suspension of driver’s licenses.

Summary Suspension Defense

If you are facing a statutory summary suspension of your driver’s license from a DUI, we are experienced at litigating and negotiations pertaining to statutory summary suspensions. If you’re facing a statutory summary suspension of your driver’s license, we can help build a defense that will help preserve your driving privileges.

Traffic Defense

You may not consider traffic tickets and violations as serious offenses. However, being convicted of traffic violations can have unexpected consequences and costly results, such as jeopardizing your driving privileges and raising your car insurance rates. Before paying a traffic violation fine, reach out to see how we may be able to help you avoid the negative consequences of traffic violations. We have extensive experience handling all levels of traffic offensesfrom felony and misdemeanor driving offenses through petty moving violations, including aggravated speeding, speeding, reckless driving, failure to yield, driving with a suspended license or revoked license (DWLSR), causing an accident and/or leaving the scene of an accident, loud muffler, and various vehicle equipment violations.

Domestic Battery

If you have been arrested for domestic battery, we can effectively defend you against domestic violence (DV) accusations and ensure your rights are protected throughout the whole legal process. DV cases can be some of the most onerous cases for a defendant to have. Oftentimes, DV cases are coupled with bond conditions restricting one’s ability to return home or to see their children, as well as a pending order of protection, divorce, or parentage proceedings. We will work with you to understand the incident in question from your perspective and craft a comprehensive and effective defense strategy. We are also well-versed in bond modification litigation and will work to minimize the effect of the criminal charge on your ability to return home and see your children, or the impact of any other parallel litigation occurring in domestic relations court.

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