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At Sperry Law, we represent what a law firm should be—a tight-knit team of trustworthy, empathetic legal professionals who take a personal investment in every case. Skilled in negotiation and litigation, we provide our clients with a full suite of strategic options based on their individual situations and ensure they receive the best possible representation for their cases. We arm our clients with the information and guidance they need to make informed decisions about their cases. Once you select a course of action after considering our advice, we will do everything within our power to execute the plan you chose. When providing advocacy for family, criminal and immigration matters, our attorneys will be with you every step of the way to ease your anxieties and answer any questions you have related to your case.

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Our Focus

Family Law

Divorce, custody (known in Illinois as allocation of parental rights), maintenance, child support, orders of protection, dealing with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), and other family law issues are emotionally taxing with outcomes that could change your life and the lives of your loved ones forever. Thankfully, you don’t have to face these complex matters alone. Providing compassionate guidance and skilled legal counsel through family transitions of all types, our mission is to help you move through the applicable legal processes as efficiently and painlessly as possible while ensuring that your legal and financial interests are protected. Let us help your family find a better path to resolution.

Criminal Law

Good people can find themselves in bad situations. If you were accused of committing a crime or if you learned that there is a pending investigation against you, we’re the team you need on your side. With extensive experience litigating felony and misdemeanor cases and a passion for criminal law, we are relentless in our fight for your rights. Our experience includes legal intervention from first contact with law enforcement through trial, including but not limited to invoking constitutional rights in the face of police or DCFS questioning or search demands. We have experience handling a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges including but not limited to drug charges, sex crimes, forgery, DUIs, domestic battery, theft, resisting arrest, and traffic-related offenses. We will be with you every step of the way to maximize the possibility of a favorable outcome, ease your anxieties, and answer any questions you have related to your case.

Immigration Law

Navigating the immigration system or defending against removal or deportation proceedings alone can be extremely difficult, but we have the professional experience necessary to help. From applying for a visa to understanding your options and what you can do if you’re facing deportation or removal, we are very familiar with the different avenues toward achieving the residency outcome you desire. Our immigration attorneys will serve you with tenacity in immigration matters, including those related to family-based immigration, removal defense, citizenship, asylum claims, U-Visas, VAWA applications, and more. Our practice in both family and criminal law provides additional expertise in complex immigration issues involving family or criminal matters, including but not limited to immigration waivers and avoiding immigration consequences from criminal matters.

Professional, Responsive, Personable, and Experienced

Bria – 2022

Mr. Sperry was the perfect complement to our initial attorney… We feel it was his citing case law that helped to dismiss our case entirely. While our experience was traumatic, Mr. Sperry was definitely a source of assurance that helped to ease any of our worries or doubts. His demeanor, responsiveness, and experience made us feel like we had a covert heavy hitter in our corner. We are so grateful for his work in representing us, and cannot recommend him enough. Should you need quality representation, you should be so fortunate to work with Mr. Sperry.


Anonymous – 2021

I found Mr. Sperry through the recommendation of another attorney … My son called his office and had a consultation with him the next working day. He was so thorough in explaining in detail how he can help my son, and regularly contacted him on the status of his custody fight. Although my son’s situation was VERY complicated and VERY unique, Mr. Sperry was able to work a miracle, and my son got his children back within just a few weeks. My son now lives in a different state with his children and is grateful every single day for Mr. Sperry. Please, if you know of anyone who is fighting DCFS, have them contact Mr. Sperry ASAP!!!

An Honest and Caring Attorney

Wes – 2020

I consulted with more than 7 other Attorneys and most of them were straight to the money or others just plain out disregarded my case and few were simply disingenuous. Everything was different with Attorney Matthew Sperry … he knew i am a disabled veteran who had been struggling with post traumatic stress and due to my physical disability aquired in the Marines … I could write for a very long time about how many times he showed his heart for aquiring justice for all. … he would connect with me on human level and share uplifting news and stories that would let me know i am not alone … I feel blessed to know Matthew Sperry and would highly recommend him and his services to anyone who would like to be represented by an honest and caring attorney.

The lawyer you need to kick butt and not play around.

Robertino – 2020

He seemed extremely confident when I interviewed him for my case and gave me a sense of peace upon hiring. My case was a sticky situation with alot of odds against me … I could have faced serious repercussions and my own wife and kids to pay the price. But Matthew was an excellent attorney and patient with all my questions, concerns and fears. I needed an attorney who knew how to navigate the legal system which he did. Lots of weight is off of our family. I recommend Matthew B. Sperry.

Excellent lawyer & team

Felipe – 2022

My wife and I hired Mr. Sperry for our Immigration Process of getting the Lawful Permanent Residency for my self through Legal Marriage. Mr. Sperry and his team made it feel; easy, smooth and pleasurable. Keep the process in a very professional manner, down to the ground and simple. Thanks for your support and hard work. 100% recommended.

Outstanding Professionalism!

Ernesto & Senia – 2021

Mr. Sperry is one of the best attorneys I have come across from. His professionalism and optimistic way of working with his clients is what makes his top-notch at what he does. He’s the kind of attonery that’s able to obtain much better results to your case than you expected first hand. Personally, because of him I was able to get a big break! If you need a lawyer who gets things done professionally and coordinately, SEEK MR. MATTHEW SPERRY. Would definitly recommend to anyone, especially with traffic related circumstances. Thank you so much Mr. Sperry !!

A lawyer to hire and trust.

Victor S. – 2019

My wife and I hired Matthew after reviewing several other lawyers in the area, his first free consultation was different from any other lawyers we talked to. He was eager to help us, he was very professional, direct, helpful and he knew very well the law of immigration and answered all our questions and fears we had … he guided us thru all the process very efficiently and we were able to file the application on time. He also represented us in the asylum interview as our attorney and he did it very well. After a long time, we finally got the answer from USCI that our asylum was approved. He’s definitely a lawyer to hire, very professional and his assistant Stefanie was also very kind and helpful.

Criminal Charges

Anonymous – 2018

Matt was hired to defend me against criminal charges. I felt that he and his office did an excellent job in negotiating a plea agreement. He was very competent and gave me solid advice during the our discussions. I felt he knew the law very well and knew what the process was going to be and communicated that very well. I would hire Matt again without any reservation.

I live out of state & everything conducted over the phone

David B. – 2017

I wanted to deal with an unpaid traffic citation from almost 20 years ago in another state, Illinois … I was initially pretty nervous about using an out of state attorney whom I never physically met plus handing out my credit card over the phone. However, everything went very smooth and this old and annoying headache was quickly taken care of. I recommend Matthew Sperry based on my personal experience with him.

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